I began my career in web design and internet marketing in 1997. Since that time several of my clients’ websites have enjoyed ranking in the 1st page of Google results for their chosen keywords. I spend a great deal of time studying the current trends of social media and internet maretking and I’m a member of several professional groups that meet on a regular basis to discuss current trends. I’m offering my expertise and experience to other companies in Central Texas who are new to social marketing or don’t have the time and resources to establish and maintain a successful and profitable social presence. Having spent the majority of my life in the graphic design and photography business, I’m also qualified to coordinate all your marketing collateral, both printed and digital, into one centrally managed campaign.

Leveraging social media to your advantage for marketing is a lot more complicated than just going to FaceBook or Twitter and setting up a profile. It normally involves the setting up of several profiles, each designed to do a specific function and each being connected to the others in a specific manner. Just starting with social media and properly setting up your profiles can be a daunting task, especially when each social network requires different styles of messaging to accomplish similar things. If you want to skip the learning curve of each network, and want profiles that work across a wide variety of social networks, I can help.

Do you want to establish your social media presence but don’t know where to start? I can help with a complete social media setup, custom tailored to you and your business and have you up and running in a blink.

  • Are you getting the most from your social media efforts?
  • Is your social marketing person up to par with current trends?
  • Are you reaching the right audience and with the right message?
  • Do you wonder what consumers are saying online about you or your business?
  • Are you meeting consumers online to dispel myths or rumors, or addressing their criticisms and thanking them for their praises?

If you’re new to social marketing and want a snapshot of what your competitors are already doing or are you not getting the results you want from your dive into social networking online? I can put together a custom audit for you that evaluates your effectiveness and offers a plan for moving forward with social marketing

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